The Wall Street Journal: American Airlines computer glitch disrupts pilots’ schedules — latest issue as union contract talks continue

American Airlines Group Inc. and the union that represents its pilots are discussing extra pay for some pilots to compensate them for flying future flights that got dropped from their schedules because of a computer glitch, the union said Sunday.

The Allied Pilots Association union said the airline’s scheduling platform mistakenly allowed pilots early Saturday morning to drop thousands of future trips. As a result, as many as 12,075 flights throughout the month of July lacked a captain, a first officer, or both, the union said.


didn’t comment on the number of affected flights but said Saturday that it was reinstating most of those trips and didn’t expect the issue to have any impact on its operation.

The union told pilots in a message Sunday that adding those flights back to the pilots’ schedules violated its contract but that it is working with the airline to address this issue and longer-term solutions to fix what it described as an onerous scheduling system. Union President Capt. Ed Sicher said he had spoken with American Chief Executive Robert Isom about the issue and that they discussed paying an “inconvenience premium” for those trips.

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