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After EU blessing, Ukraine vows to prevail

STORY: After a blessing for its EU ambitions and a pledge of unwavering support from Britain, Ukraine vowed on Saturday to prevail against Moscow.This comes as the country battles Russian assaults in the eastern city of Lysychansk , and multiple locations come under shell and missile attacks.In a video released Saturday, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is seen paying another visit to troops on the front lines of Ukraine’s war against Russia – this time in the southern city of Mykolaiv.The president took pictures and penned badges on the sleeve of army personnel, in what appeared to be an underground shelter.The president’s office nor Zelenskiy himself would specify when the visit took place.JOHNSON: “When Ukraine fatigue is setting in, it’s very important to show that we’re with them for the long haul and we’re giving them that strategic resilience that they need.”The release of the Zelenskiy video comes a day after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise visit to meet with the Ukrainian President in Kyiv.Johnson stressed the need to keep supporting the country after nearly four months of war.JOHNSON: “It would be a catastrophe if Putin won, it would be a catastrophe if he was able to secure the land bridge, the cities in the south that he has, to hold the Donbas, that’s what he wants,”Meanwhile, EU leaders are expected at a summit next week to grant Ukraine candidate status following Friday’s recommendation from the bloc’s executive, putting Kyiv on course to realize an aspiration seen as out of reach before the invasion, even if actual membership could take years.

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